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Become a Tutor With LVG

Becoming a tutor with LVG is easy. There are no experience requirements, just a desire to serve your community in helping both native-English speakers and ESL students reach for their dreams and achieve success through English language literacy. We provide all the materials and tutor training which usually requires one day and/or two evenings. Once your initial tutor training is complete, we match you up with your student(s). Our goal is to create a good balance between you and your student – matching skills level, location and time availability.

We also provide ongoing mentoring as you grow and gain experience as a tutor. We have periodic refresher training sessions where you can update your skills and share tips and advice with other tutors.

To get started, either call us at 860-355-0830 or email info@lvg-ct.org. You can also begin by downloading and completing the Tutor Application below and sending it into our office

Tips for Tutors

Zoom cheat sheets and instructions. Download the appropriate PDF for your device.

There are many great resources for both new and experience tutors. Here are some of our favorites:

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